80 Years of Hydration Experience


Subzero is a nationally recognized brand with a combined 80+ years of experience on our team. 

With today’s on the go lifestyle in mind, from the trail to the gym, on the beach or at the pool, we engineer convenient solutions to enhance your health and reduce waste. We offer BPA free, environmentally sustainable products that are made to be reliable, fashionable, and economically priced.

Subzero Hydration was founded on a simple mission: build a water bottle that offers reliability, reduce single use water bottle trash, and provide something fashionable that we would all feel excited to use anywhere, at any time. Necessity and first-hand experience were our driving factors. We knew what we wanted, and delivering solutions through passion and focus is what we set out to do. We thank each and every one of you for all your support, and hope that we can continue to exceed all of your future needs.